My name is Diane. Besides being an Accountant, Artist, Musician, and Writer, I am quite opinionated. I pretty much have a take on most things of which I have even an iota of information. Anything from the banal to topical to global issues—if challenged, I’ll come up with something. Since I am not one to rock the boat in social and professional situations, I silently mull and subsequently stew in my own broth. This blog allows me the outlet to be as pedantic as I please. That is the beauty of the Internet. We all have the opportunity to have a voice; we also have the freedom to choose what we read or what we ignore.   

Oh, and my favorite color is purple. It verges on an obsession. I have actually been nicknamed the color by a few people.  Hence, the name of this blog is apt.

 Please visit my other blog which is focused on my professional works: http://amaranthiarts.wordpress.com/

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